CBD Wholesale

Looking for wholesale CBD oil products? We offer great CBD wholesale options for many of our CBD products.  Our vertically-integrated production process means you will have access to a consistent supply of high-quality, THC-free CBD products.

Our wholesale CBD program is great for current etailer or brick and mortar resellers looking to add an affordable, high quality option to their lineup. Our wholesale offerings include: tinctures, body butters, massage oils, vape liquids, isolates, and gummies.

The advantages of wholesaling our CBD products are:

  • traceability of the entire process
  • Cutting edge processing technology
  • responsible environmental ethics and organic farming processes
  • state-of-the-art production facility
  • third party lab analysis
  • reliable inventory
  • consistent supply
  • rapid delivery

State of the Art Technology

Our CBD products go through extensive processing and lab testing to provide the standard of quality you expect. Our veteran chemists and formulators oversee production as well as testing of all products. Their experience had led to the highest-quality CBD products on the market, so you and your customers are sure to be satisfied.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction

The supercritical extraction process of CBD is divided into various steps depending on the type of products formulated.

  1. The first step is supercritical CO2 extraction, where a solid golden-brown paste is produced. In its raw form, CBD is not yet highly concentrated, falling closer to the raw plant standard of approximately 18%.
  2. The second step is called cold filtered extract where the waxes and plant resins left from the first extract are removed. The Cold Filtered Extraction is done using low temperatures. This makes the solution looser and with lower viscosity. It is now more liquefied compared to the paste produced from the first extract.
  3. After the cold extract, the next step is the hot extract using higher temperatures, removing the cold filtered solution. It produces a lower viscosity oil which has the consistency of coconut oil. In this step, concentration can be performed to reach a desired CBD level.

99% Pure CBD Isolate

If a solid product is desired, the oil can be winterized to remove other compounds and concentrate further, leaving behind a 99.7% pure CBD isolate powder.

Lab Testing

Our CBD products have been checked, tested, and verified for purity and potency. We work with premier third party cannabis testing facilities which have been awarded and certified for their cannabis-related work.

American Hemp

Our CBD-rich hemp is grown in the USA to sustainable organic standards. Our farming process duplicates the characteristics of each previous harvest without GMOs to create unmatched consistency.

Marketing Services

Our in-house marketing and web design teams are able to help you create brochures, websites, and additional marketing materials to help advertise and sell your brand.

CBD Wholesale Requirements

Contact us to get more information on our wholesale CBD program.

We will contact you immediately and discuss how we can serve your business.