CBD Isolate

Want to get the purest form of cannabidiol possible? Our CBD Isolate is 99.7% pure! CBD Isolate is a concentrated crystalline form of powdered cannabidiol. It is versatile and easy to work with, so it can be combined into many different recipes.

Take It How You Want It

There are many choices for taking CBD isolate, and there is bound to be one that suits your preference.

  1. If you prefer to take it directly, you can simply add your desired amount of CBD isolate to coconut oil and mix gently. This mixture will easily absorb when placed into your mouth. CBD has a high bioavailability in this manner.
  2. CBD isolate can also be dissolved in most PG-based vape liquids to combine with terpenes, flavorings, or your own personal favorite e-liquid.
  3. If you are using CBD oil and want to increase its potency, all you have to do is add the desired amount of CBD isolate and mix.

Our CBD isolate is pure, affordable, and effective to suit any of your formulation or retail-ready needs.

  • Our CBD Isolate is carefully processed to remove the oil, waxes, chlorophyll and other plant materials until what is left is nothing but the purest CBD.
  • We use the supercritical CO2 extraction process to get CBD oil from our hemp plants, ensuring no residual solvents are left in the product.
  • The CBD oil is then purified using safe and efficient processes for filtering the plant material out. It is then winterized to get rid of the impurities and remove the waxes, producing the purest CBD isolate powder.
  • Lab tests confirm purity, then check and guaranteed that it is free from heavy metals, mold, toxins, mildew, and fungus.
  • This testing process ensures that our CBD isolate is safe to use and that its users are protected from any impurities.

Our CBD isolate contains no THC. It also has no taste. Because our CBD is 99.7% pure, it can be weighed to the milligram for an accurate representation of your CBD intake. CBD isolate is a great ingredient, but is convenient for end-users too. It can be easily mixed in any oil-based foods or drinks, making it highly versatile.

CBD Wholesale Requirements

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